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Vacuum Sweeper

Simply the best machine for the job

Expect more from your sweeper with the versatile 400 Series. From downtown spaces to college campuses to city parks and zoos, this popular line of Green Machines equipment is compact enough to clean almost any outdoor space. The 400 Series’ uniquely attractive styling coupled with its effective sweeping capabilities showcase your commitment to the environment.

Mechanical Sweeper

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Sweeper

Excellent sweeping performance in the harshest, most congested sweeping environments. Environmentally friendly, all-weather dry dust control. Full-view, cab-forward design offers clear view of sweeper cleaning path.

Outdoor Scrubber

Superior cleaning results in just one pass–wet or dry–with FloorSmart™

Maximum productivity with FaST™ for cleaning up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing, Low total cost of ownership from fully-integrated, cost-efficient design.

Road Vacuum

All-terrain Liter Vacuum

Improves the image and health of your community with superior litter pickup. Inceases productivity by adapting to all terrains. Ensures operator safety with stable, low-center-of-gravity design.

Truck Mounted Sweeper

It is mainly for street, square, factory, runway and etc.

  • Combined by four sweep-brush and inlet roll-style suck.
  • Sweep setting is easy and stable. Sweep brush is auto to run-around block.
  • Patented sewage recirculation fittings. Efficient to avoid working dust.
  • Patented technology to avoid pipe icing.
  • Stainless dustbin, rinsing bin and sewage bin.
  • Core of hydraulic pressure is imported.
  • Good outlook.
Compact Midsize Ride-On Sweeper

Compact in size, big on performance and durability

Simple, easy-to-use controls reduce operator training with all-levers-forward design, unrivaled dust control performance with the SweepMax® system and ShakeMax® 360 technology.

Garbage Compactor Truck
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Road Sweeper
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