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The safe and efficient solution for all-terrain, outdoor sweeping

  • The high-performance vacuuming power of the ATLV, complemented by its long-arm vacuum, all-terrain tires and curb-climbing ability, keep grassy grounds, parking lots, fence lines and shrub beds free of trash, cigarette butts, bottles and more.
  • Easy-to-use features require less training time, so operators get out and cleaning more quickly. During operation, a quick peak through canister portholes reveals the debris level in the ATLV's unmatched, extra-large-capacity hopper. Operators effectively clean longer between stops, knowing that the top mounted vacuum fan continually provides unrestricted airflow. empties go smoothly with the wide-angle, tilt-out litter tank for easy-access debris removal.
  • Clean with confidence knowing that the ATLV provides safe, stable operation with its low center of gravity design, highly effective disk brakes and standart rollover protection system.



Long-lasting and durable. A corrosion-resistant polyethylene canister with optional bagless liners, as well as the self-cleaning impeller inlet screen, keeps the ATLV cleaning and looking better longer.

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