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Durasweep 125 ST
  • 70 Db sound level with new generation 1.75 Kw Servo Motor  
  • Most Preferred Economic Sweeper with its Silent Operation.
  • Powerful Fan Structure Specially Designed with ITALIAN Technology   
  • Removes Large Wastes with Special Brush System Which Does Not Create Dust and Dumps Them to the Hopper. 
  • Provides Easy Use with Optional Collapsible Driver Seat and Stand Up Driving Platform
  • 360 Degree Turning Capacity even in Narrow Areas with High Manoeuverability Feature. 
  • Eco-Friendly Filter System with Easy to Assemble-Disassemble Large Size and Water-resistant Polyester
  • Back and Forth Drivability Due to Easy to Use OLEODYNAMIC Drive System.  
  • Provides Hygienic Cleaning by Preventing Fine Dust Formation with its 15 Liter Water Tank. 
  • Removes the Grass on the Edge of the Pavements with its Latest Technology Wired Brush System and Dumps into the Waste Hopper.
  • Able to sweep 5000 m2 in an hour by means of 1250 mm sweeper width.
  • Easy to Assemble-Disassemble Waste Hopper Produced in Metal Sheet together with Plastic Garbage Bag
Detail Specification:

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