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Vacuum Sweeper

Simply the best machine for the job

Expect more from your sweeper with the versatile 400 Series. From downtown spaces to college campuses to city parks and zoos, this popular line of Green Machines equipment is compact enough to clean almost any outdoor space. The 400 Series’ uniquely attractive styling coupled with its effective sweeping capabilities showcase your commitment to the environment.

Green Machine 414
Clean with the confidence that comes from effortless manoeuvrability in tight spaces and around obstacles
Green Machine 500ze - Lithium Ion Powered
The 500ze emits no carbon or exhaust emissions creating cleaner cities and cleaner air for pedestrians. The battery-powered street sweeper saves up to 78 tonnes of carbon dioxide over five years. This allows the 500ze to provide a vital step in assisting cities to meet their carbon emission targets.
Green Machine 636
GREEN MACHINES 636HS AIR SWEEPER The ultimate sweeping machine
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Road Sweeper
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