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About Us

We are specializing in environmental sanitation equipment. Our company distributes only the best quality product and not to forget the after sales service. We guarantee the spare part availability and the best – well trained technician team.

We believe in passion.  Passion (from the Latin verb patī meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. Our passion will let us do our best in every effort we make.

We promise to create added value by appreciating the needs of our customers – with competitive and innovative solutions. The needs of our employees – by adhering to our company values. The needs of our shareholders – with above-average returns. And the needs of our environment – by acting sustainably.

Hubungi Kami
Road Sweeper
Ruko Panji Makmur D-7 Jl. Raya Panjang Jiwo 46-48
Surabaya 60299
Jawa Timur-Indonesia
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